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Encintas, CA


Business Education and Consultancy:  Using what we know about human design to transform talent potential into business performance.



unlock human potential to drive business performance

The link between human beings and value creation is undeniable. In today's Networked Age, access to human capital will be your only competitive advantage.  Whether your team is bumping against this new reality with "Old World" processes, or you just know there is a better way to grow, BON.FIRE builds a bridge to the new world, helping you make significant and sustainable culture changes that drive your business growth.  The link between human beings and value creation is undeniable.

Our clients navigate this fast-moving new world with our adaptive model- outperforming past financial results without burning out leaders.

  • Assess your organization's current aptitude for Organic Exponential Growth with our Living Systems Index.

  • Based on your LSI score, choose to accelerate your value creation through BON.FIRE consulting and culture change programs- customized to the greatest leverage points.

  • Attract and inspire top talent, develop a thriving culture, and engage and align resources to make your impact in the new world.

IgnitE the "good" fire

Learn how our approach creates the environment for your brightest leaders to engage in creating Real Value in your business. 


Understand the context that is shaping your market realities, pushing your processes to the edge, and discover how to tap into unrealized potential of the people you lead.

our Community

Be a part of building modern business leadership:  genuine, kind, results-driven and connected.